Waste Trail Journey II-Veolia MRF

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“Where do our waste go after we throw them into the bin?” That question was asked by one of the Earthlinkers during the journey towards Veolia Waste Facility. Everyone was brimming with excitement to find out more about Singapore’s recycling programme! 😀

On the way there, fun facts were showered on us as a prelude to the tour – did you know that Taiwan has the highest household-recycling rate in the world? The bite-sized information by fellow Earthlinkers were supplemented by the pre-tour presentation by the friendly guide at Veolia who answered our questions and many more, giving a good introduction before starting our visit with a walk-around of the facility to put everything into perspective. The question that we brought back from the tour is one that is always on our minds – how do we get more people to recycle? And again, it always starts with ourselves. 🙂

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