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The new academic year is here! We have exciting events lined-up just for you to start off this semester!

To welcome the new faces of NTU, we will be setting up a booth in NTU Freshmen Welcome Week and also a Welcome Tea in Week 2! Whether you are a freshman or a past Earthlink member, we look forward to showing you what Earthlink has done last year and will do this year. Earthlink welcomes anyone who wants to do their part for the environment. If you have sustainability-related project ideas, Earthlink is the perfect platform to bring your ideas to fruition, especially if they’re applicable to our campus! 🙂

Can’t wait any longer to share with us your ideas? Chew with us over lunch this Friday as we brainstorm with renowned NatGeo explorer Tristram Stewart on ways to reduce food waste in campus! Prof Sonny Ben Rosenthal from WKWSCI and representatives from National Environment Agency (NEA), Ecocampus will be there to share their ideas too in what will be a very eclectic design sprint! This design sprint is part of the Sustainability Case Challenge: Chewing on Sustainability!

The annual Earthlink Environmental Camp is soon upon us, with meaningful nature walks and activities included. If you have never experienced a nature walk and are interested to spend a relaxing weekend with nature, this camp is perfect for you. Earthlink’s 24th Management Committee will also pass the torch to the new 25th Management Committee members later this month.

We will keep you posted on the details of the events as soon as possible! See you in these events!

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