Recycling @ NTU

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One of our NTU2020 goals is to reduce waste production by 35%.

To be precise, we’re looking at per-capita waste intensity with the baseline set on 2011’s figures. And we’re making good progress: as of 2015, we’ve reduced waste production by 21%!

To reach our goal of 35% waste reduction, we will need each and every one of our 40,000 strong population of students, staff and professors to contribute towards our goal of being the Greenest Campus in the World!

Earthlink will link you up with all the prerequisite knowledge to do so! 😀

Just bin it

There are bins on campus that collects:

Click on each of the links here to be brought to the relevant sections! 🙂

Also, we have our bi-annual Recycling Drive every semester! Right after finals, we will be going door-to-door around the Halls of Residence to collect your recyclables 🙂

Do remember that recycling bins are only for recyclables 🙁 If you see anyone disposing food waste into the recycling bins, please help us to remind them that they should be disposed in general waste bins only! Not only will that waste everyone’s efforts, it poses a genuine threat to our health too as the big recycling bins are cleared less frequently!

Paper, Plastic and Cans

There are bins EVERYWHERE 😀

  • Generally, they can be found at the level 1 and 2 entrances of every North Spine and South Spine block.
  • Many of them are situated next to lift doors too! 🙂

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Electronic waste

Starhub RENEW E-waste bins
can be found in 4 locations in NTU campus:

  • Between LT1A and McDonald’s (next to stairs leading up to North Spine Food Court/Canteen A)
  • Outside CEE (N1), Level 1
  • Outside EEE (S1), Level B2
  • Opposite Co-op cafe @ The Hive, Level B5

In NIE campus, RENEW bin can be found at U.iD NIE Student Hub (Student Services Centre).

There are some RENEW bins in the Nanyang Heights blocks too!

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Foodbank NTU

Image from:
Image from:

Have too much excess food from CNY or pre-finals welfare packs? Do place them in the Food Bank bins at the following locations:

  • One Stop @ SAC
  • The Hive
  • Hall 9 Canteen
  • Hall 12 function room

All types of non-perishable food items that are unopened, unused, and with at least 4 weeks of shelf life are accepted.

Do visit the Food Bank website for pictures of the locations and to learn more about the food bank initiative! 🙂

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Ink Cartridges

If you have any ink cartridges or toners, don’t throw them into the general waste bins! Instead, bring them over to the Student Services Center where there is a Ink Cartridge bin right opposite the lift that is on the left of Subway! 🙂

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Image by “Save That Pen”

In collaboration with Save That Pen (STP), we have 2 STP bins located at the end of both spines! The one at the North Spine is right outside LWN Library, and the one at South Spine is outside LKC LT!

Do drops your used pens that have served you well into the bins once they’re out of ink! 🙂

STP bin @ LWN Library
STP bin @ LKC LT

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