Earthlink Environmental Camp 2017

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During 26 to 27 August, Earthlink held its annual camp – EE Camp 2017, with the aim of attracting freshmen to join Earthlink whilst providing a platform to learn about the importance of environmental conservation.
One of the camp highlights was the visit to Gardens by the Bay. Participants were exposed to species of flora rarely seen in Singapore due to unfavourable weather conditions. They also learnt about environmental sustainability via architecture through observing the various structures in the Garden.
Another highlight was the trip to Pulau Ubin. By being able to be up close and personal with nature herself, participants had an experience that they would never undergone back on the mainland. It was truly an eye-opening experience for the participants as life on Pulau Ubin is completely different than that on the mainland.
Overall, participants were able to bond with each other during this event as well as learn more about a side of nature that they would not normally experience in their everyday lives. If you unfortunately missed this year’s EE Camp, be sure to join us next year! We guarantee an enriching and fun 2 days of exploring various aspects of the environment as well as interacting with fellow camp participants who share the same love for the environment as you do! 🙂




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