Earthlink Welcome Tea 2017

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Our Welcome Tea event was held on 22nd August 2017. The 4-hour event aimed to promote the importance of sustainable living as well as to attract more students to join Earthlink and various environmental conservation efforts. The event also allowed current Earthlink members to interact with prospective Earthlinkers. The president of the 24th management committee started things off with a warm welcome speech. Attendees then watched a video detailing past events, which was followed by the various portfolio directors introducing themselves. Attendees were highly interested in what Earthlink represents as well as our past events and looked forward to being part of Earthlink’s future activities. If you missed the Welcome Tea event, do keep a look out for events initiated or promoted by Earthlink on our Facebook page and feel free to join! We sincerely hope that you join us in playing our part in saving the environment! 🙂

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