Student Leaders’ Night 2017

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The annual Student Leaders’ Night took place on Tuesday, 26 September 2017, where student leaders from more than 100 clubs in NTU congregated at the LKC Lecture Theatre to bid farewell to the outgoing management committees, and at same time welcome the new batch of leaders. Notably, the Mr. and Mrs. Kwok Chin Yan Award for Student Initiatives was conferred on student leaders who had organised initiatives with significant contributions towards the enhancement of student life, the improvement of the campus environment or the betterment of the larger community.

The Student Leaders’ Night was a collaboration between Earthlink NTU and NTU Student Affairs Office (SAO) to promote the “Ditch Da Disposables” (DDD) initiative. Started in 2014, the DDD is an Earthlink NTU initiative that aims to reduce waste by curbing the usage of disposables. In merely two years, the DDD initiative has successfully reduced more than 2000 sets of disposables during Earthlink events. The overwhelming success of the DDD initiative inspired EarthLink NTU to promote DDD to other clubs in NTU.

During the event’s networking session, student ambassadors from Earthlink NTU fervently approached the participants to advocate the practice of using reusable containers and cutlery for their club events. The student ambassadors also shared about the detrimental impact of disposables on the environment as well as health. To broaden the impact of the DDD initiative, participants were invited to join the DDD Alliance, playing a part in actualising DDD in their clubs.

As part of the DDD initiative, disposable plates and cutlery were not provided for the event. Instead, participants were informed beforehand to bring their own reusable containers and cutlery. To support this mission, Earthlink NTU sold reusable containers and cutlery to cater for participants who forgot to bring theirs. Certainly, it was heartening to see that most of the participants brought their own containers and cutlery. EarthLink NTU hopes that the student leaders continue the legacy of the DDD initiative by implementing it in their respective clubs to create a greener NTU.

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