Student Leaders’ Night 2018

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The Student Leaders’ Night is an annual affair organised by the Students Affairs Office to recognise the contributions of student organisations towards the school and the welfare of fellow students. This year marks the third year of its running. During the pre-event interaction period, student ambassadors from Earthlink engaged guests and other student leaders to encourage them to sign up for Eco-Promise.

Eco-Promise was carried out by Earthlink to build closer ties with other NTU stakeholders, including its businesses, student clubs, and school authorities. This movement was initiated to encourage members of the school to practice more sustainable and eco-friendly habits. It also aimed to guide NTU’s stakeholders in taking steps towards building an eco-friendlier campus. Organisations that made efforts to keep their promises were acknowledged and received recognition during the annual Greenfest festival. Student associations also pledged to incorporate environmentally-friendly actions in their club activities and practices. Examples of such actions included not providing disposable cutleries during events, engaging caterers who provide reusable cutleries and plates, and minimizing the over-ordering of food which leads to wastage. Additionally, props should be recycled or reused, and excessive purchases should also be avoided. Clubs would also find it more worthwhile to share their resources.

During the event, Prof Kam Chan Hin, Provost (Education), highlighted the responsibilities of various organisations and applauded them on their movement and activities. Regarding sustainability, Eco-Promise was launched by Earthlink in March 2017 to encourage green movements by various organisations of the school. The Eco-Promise movement was one where student organisations pledged to support environmentally friendly practices and take measures to protect our planet. Earthlink also won the Mr and Mrs Kok Chin Yan Award for Student Initiative for Greenfest 2018. The goal of Greenfest is to educate and empower the NTU community to create a more sustainable environment and emphasize the need for action to mitigate climate change.

Earthlink’s initiative, “Ditch Da Disposables”, was also highlighted during this event in which no disposable cutleries were provided at the buffet station. Earthlink highlighted the importance of ditching disposable cutleries and encouraged attendees to bring their own. Earthlink also took the opportunity to set up a booth where reusable cutleries were sold at affordable prices.

Article by: Kerk Hwee Wen

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