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The phrase ‘get woke’ was popularized as a call to action in for the #BlackLivesMatter movement in 2013, after George Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon Martin. We adopted it as our event title as a reference to keeping knowledgeable about climate change and environmental issue.

Get Woke was designed to be educational rather than prescriptive. Our goal is to speak to people and help them understand some specifics like what temperatures of global warming, when does our world have to start acting, how people around the world are responding to climate change and how Singapore fits into the picture.

Also, there is a banner painting during our event. Our banner is captioned ‘Our climate is changing, how about you?’, and is a community banner painting and art station, where people can write, paint and share their thoughts on climate and environmental issues.

Lastly, meet Blobbie! Blobbie is a handcrafted plastic monster sculpture created with clean plastic waste collected in NTU by just 2 students over 4 months.

She symbolizes the great amount of waste we create, and we hope she inspires sharing on social media and passersby to rethink their single-use plastic consumption daily.

Thank you all for supporting our event and making this event a success! =)

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