That’s a Wrap on Recruitment!

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Article by: Cheryl Yeoh

Visuals by: Cheah Song Cheng

Hey there folks! Since the start of the semester, the various committees in Earthlink have been grinding their days to prepare a series of events just for our fellow students. Every year, the highly anticipated NTU Welcome Week kick starts the academic year. With this year being no exception, Earthlink and all the other Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) in NTU set up virtual booths to introduce our clubs to the incoming students.

A virtual booth was thus set up in the school portal as a mode of communication between Earthlink and the new students should they wish to inquire more about us. Different chat rooms were initiated and both directors and deputy directors from each portfolio were readily available to engage with the freshmen and existing students. Frequently asked questions centered on the commitment level required from the individual, the types of available roles in each portfolio, the relevant skills required and what kind of events they will be looking forward to in the semester. Following the Welcome Week, a Welcome Tea session was hosted on 16 August. The executive committee introduced the various committee and past events held and Directors of each portfolio were invited to introduce themselves while revealing their upcoming plans, such as the types of event lined up for the semester to the audience.

Next, through the casting of votes by the members, an Annual General Meeting was held on 20th August to affirm the formation of the 29th Management Committee for the year, and Earthlink is deeply grateful for all the support received. After the formation of a staunch committee, the Subcommittee Recruitment Drive commenced where freshly scouted as well as interested members were recruited to be assimilated into the family!

Finally, the Extraordinary General Meeting was held on 10th September. This event grants the various specialised portfolios an opportunity to interact and engage with the newly formed subcommittees, as well as introducing the shiny new advisory board of the year! The new members of the advisory board were invited to share their reasons for the formation of this board and their future aspirations in support of Earthlink. The meeting ended with the subcommittee bonding session which includes members of each portfolio to share their opinions and throw out fresh ideas so as to gain a deeper understanding of each other’s interests and the direction they hope to work towards during their time in the respective portfolios.

Stay tuned for more updates on events concerning Earthlink and keep us on your mind as more is to be anticipated! Membership application is still open, therefore if you ever find yourself curious regarding what Earthlink does and want to be part of our family, do not hesitate to join us!

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