Earth Hour 2021

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Earth Hour is an annual event and global movement where individuals, communities, and organisations are encouraged to switch off their electrical lights for one hour. Since 2014, Earthlink has taken an active role in organising Earth Hour events for the South West Communities of Singapore.

For this year’s event, Earth Hour 2021 was held in partnership with the West Coast Youth Network from West Coast Community Club. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Earthlink livestreamed the entire event on Facebook. Nonetheless, such restrictions did not deter External Liaison; the virtual space flourished with lively, memorable activities that left the audience rapt.

Themed videos featured residents of West Coast sharing their personal practices, habits and visions centred on three topics—Carbon-lite living, Recycling, and Gardening. The videos also showcase students making pledges to save the environment, hawker stall owners sharing their packaging tips, and residents showcasing their wonderful

upcycled craftwork—these are very heartwarming and educational at the same time.

Another highlight of the day was the interactive games segment, which a participant remarked as “especially attractive”. Through live polls, viewers made life choices that ranged from the personal to business to the government level. Videos of people making these choices were also streamed.

Next, the event had a lively panel discussion, which was moderated by our External Liaison Director Khushi Chhetija and West Coast Youth Network Murali. The topic was on Singapore’s food resilience, and present at the panel was Minister for Transport, Mr. S. Iswaran as well as representatives from Citiponics, Growthwell Group and Shiok Meats.

In addition to the dance performances by the various NTU groups, a resident, Victoria, also performed a dance signifying climate action. Rich in symbolism of environmental catastrophe and the urgency of climate action, the dances left the audience inspired to take stronger steps to preserve all that we have left on earth.