Jurong Eco-Garden Biodiversity Audit feat. Water Sustainability Tour 2020

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In December, both portfolios Community Engagement and Nature Guiding conducted a biodiversity audit and water sustainability tour at Jurong Eco-Garden.

Participants were split into six groups: Kingfisher, Storm, Harlequin, Biotope, Dropwing and Freshwater. Each group covered different transects at different times.

Prior to the event, participants attended a briefing to learn about local butterflies, birds and dragonflies, as well as our water sustainability landscape.

Did you know? –> We recorded 66 distinct species in a 2-hour period!

This year, 2021, saw the highest number of participants for the event compared to previous years — with more surveyors, this allowed for coverage of a new fourth transect!

Results from the survey were used to provide recommendations on how to improve the habitat quality.