Local Community Engagement Programme 2021

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@Corporation Primary School

In March, several Earthlink members headed over to Corporation Primary School to conduct a series of educational activities to raise awareness about climate and environmental issues.

Activities on the programme agenda ranged from a ‘bowling pins’ game (above) to a ‘mix-and-match’ pictorial one, all of which seamlessly incorporated bite-size information about the environment.

The children’s boisterous energy was heartwarming, making for an unforgettable and inspiring experience for the Earthlinkers running the event. Said Afraa Aijaz, an Earthlinker from the Resources portfolio, “Educating primary school kids on the importance of thee 5 ‘R’s, the “do”s and “don’t”s of recycling was such a fulfilling experience. I look forward to more of such programmes!”

Reflecting on her experience, Community Engagement Director Yeong Yoong Sze mused: “You would be surprised at how clever and enthusiastic the students today are about climate change and biodiversity.”