Summary of Green For Good 2022 – Part 1

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To commemorate Earthlink NTU’s flagship environmental festival, Green For Good (GFG) 2022! Centering three pillars—Food Sustainability, Biodiversity & Conservation, and Sustainable Living— a series of articles will be released over the next few days, highlighting the major events from these three pillars!

In the first week of “Green for Good”, our theme is Food Sustainability where we aim to raise awareness on these three different areas: sustainable diets, food waste, and food security. To help cultivate the appropriate green habits on an individual level, fun and enjoyable activities such as the “Farm to Table Cooking Challenge” and “Growing Greens Workshop” are hands-on which aim to encourage participants to learn on the go! In the first activity, the main purpose is to delve deeper into food source consciousness to understand the seriousness of food wastage, while second activity emphasises on nurturing green fingers with self-sufficiency as the value attained.

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