Since 1993, Earthlink has led NTU’s environmental activities. Here, passionate individuals with a vision for a healthier planet plan outreach events and activities to raise awareness for environmental issues. To cover the diverse categories that can range from nature appreciation to going plastic-lite to eating less meat, Earthlink has twelve portfolios organised under four broad Committees of Campaigns, Events, Projects and Support. 

  1. The Campaigns Committee includes the three portfolios Eco-Campus, Resources and Green PEAS. They raise awareness on the impact of personal lifestyle choices on the environment, and promote adoption of eco-friendly habits into our daily lives.

  2. The Events Committee includes the three portfolios Nature Guiding, Community Engagement and Gardening. They focus on creating immersive experiences in the natural world, through guided tours and events. Such experiential learning aims to foster greater connections to the environment.

  3. The Projects Committee includes the three portfolios Wildlife Conservation Day, Greenfest and Earth Hour. These portfolios plan Earthlink’s annual, large-scale events, whose reach ranges from school-wide to neighbourhood community.

  4. The Support Committee includes the three portfolios Welfare, Logistics and Publicity & Publications. They plan bonding activities, manage administrative tools at the back-end and generally focus on amplifying the reach of Earthlink’s activities.

The activities of these portfolios are planned by Earthlinkers themselves, which also allows for some flexibility.

Below are the various Instagram accounts run by the different portfolios in Earthlink:

"If I change, the world changes."

Earthlink firmly believes that each individual’s impact on the environment cannot be overstated. “Take care of the environment” — what does that really mean? That means, caring for all the living creatures that inhabit this planet; that means to strive for a future of peace and justice for all inhabitants.