Insect Feed Tour 2021

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In January, Community Engagement organised an Insect Feed Tour to biotechnology company Insect Feed Technologies, where participants learnt about food composting aided by black soldier flies. Prior to the event, the portfolio conducted a briefing to share about food waste … Continued

Clean Beach for Each 2021

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In January, Community Engagement’s Clean Beach for Each campaign rallied the NTU community to take part in beach cleanups, by posting pictures of themselves using specific hashtags. Tips on how to obtain equipment for cleaning were also provided. By the … Continued

NTU Human-Wildlife Coexistence Team Recruitment

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The NTU Human-Wildlife Coexistence Team is Recruiting & Accepting Community Feedbacks /Ideas! Due to NTU’s position at the boundary of wild and urban, our community is no stranger to wildlife encounters. Bird-strike window collisions, wildlife traffic accidents, and stranded wildlife … Continued

NTU BioBlitz Campus Survey 2021

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In March, Nature Guiding conducted NTU BioBlitz, a series of 23 campus surveys in designated transects to record the fauna they see. 12 transects were created, grouped under the broad categories of Forest edge, Artificially planted and Urban. In just … Continued

Mangrove Mystery Nature Trail 2020

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On a sunny December morning, Nature Guiding led student participants to Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve to explore the rich biodiversity in its mangroves, mudflats, ponds and forests. Since this was the migratory period, there were opportunities to catch sightings of … Continued

Green for Good 2021

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Did you notice this colourful poster circulating on Earthlink’s Instagram and flashing on the TV screens of NTU? Green For Good—previously known as Greenfest—was a two-week long event organised by our Campus Outreach portfolio, to raise awareness of environmental issues … Continued

That’s a Wrap on Recruitment!

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Article by: Cheryl Yeoh Visuals by: Cheah Song Cheng Hey there folks! Since the start of the semester, the various committees in Earthlink have been grinding their days to prepare a series of events just for our fellow students. Every … Continued

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