The NTU Biodiversity Week (NBW) committee is composed of passionate individuals who seek to bridge the gap between humans and wildlife through education and opportunities to directly interact with nature. This is especially relevant given that NTU’s position at the boundary of the Western Catchment has led to frequent wildlife encounters on campus. In addition, NTU is home to a wide variety of wildlife, including the nationally endangered species such as the Sunda pangolin, oriental pied hornbill and many more!

The committee’s primary goal is to spread awareness and inspire action for causes principally related to biodiversity conservation and animal welfare. To that end, the NBW committee builds healthy partnerships and works closely with nature-related NTU clubs and external organisations to provide a platform for them to share about their work and its importance. Engaging fringe activities are organised to get participants further involved, deepening the impact we leave on them. These culminate in the NTU Biodiversity Week event, celebrating our biodiversity and inspiring the community to act for nature.


  • To organise the annual NTU Biodiversity Week (NBW), which aims to educate and engage the NTU community about biodiversity, sustainability, conservation, and animal welfare.
  • To build healthy partnerships with nature-related NTU clubs and external organisations.
  • To spearhead initiatives combating human-wildlife conflict in NTU.


To strive towards campus human-wildlife coexistence in NTU.