Waste Trail Journey

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Ever wondered what happens to your waste once you place them in the bin? Probably not! Singapore’s waste management system runs mostly without a hitch – perhaps too perfectly – and most of us don’t think about what happens after we … Continued

What is sustainability?

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You often hear companies talking about ‘sustainability’. Leaders talking about ‘sustainable development’. What is sustainability all about?   Sustainability is indeed a broad idea that is difficult to pin down in a single definition. But we do have an answer for you! 🙂 … Continued

Sustainability @ SG

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“I have always believed that a blighted urban jungle of concrete destroys the human spirit. We need the greenery of nature to lift up our spirits.” – Lee Kuan Yew, founding Prime Minister of Singapore   From “Clean City” to “Truly … Continued

RevAmpS ;)

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The Earthlink NTU website will be undergoing a series of RevAmpS over the next few weeks, do stay tuned! 😉 Some things might come and appear, and others might leave and go, you will never know until you’re back to … Continued

Ecoventure 2017

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Ecoventure is Earthlink’s very own annual youth overseas community involvement program. First initiated in 2004, Ecoventure started as an eco-trip to locations where students are able to experience the environment in a novel way. At that time, Ecoventure intended to … Continued

Earthlink Jalan-Jalan 2017

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Summer break is here! After fighting through the exam period, it is finally time to sit back, relax, and enjoy a nature walk with like-minded companions. Last Saturday, Earthlinkers went for a little nature escape to Chestnut Nature Park, the … Continued

Earth Hour 2017

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Bright and early on the March 25, many gathered at the Jurong Spring Community Club for the Earth Hour Symposium as well as the night carnival (supported by National Youth Council), which followed after. From 9:45am to 3pm, there were … Continued

Nature Water Wonder Trail

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In conjunction with Singapore World Water Day and in support of Public Utilities Board (PUB), Earthlink NTU organized a Nature Water Wonder Trail on Saturday, March 11th 2017. Singapore World Water Day, which has now reached its 10th year anniversary, … Continued

Earth Hour Outreach

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Make some noise for Earth Hour 2017! Earth Hour is a yearly initiative, celebrated across 172 other countries, to allocate 60 minutes to turn off all lights and electrical appliances! This year, Earthlink NTU has organized two Saturdays of fun … Continued

Plant-Based Diet Talk

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On March 27, Earthlinkers had an enriching and mind-opening talk, Plant-Based Diet Talk: Let Us Be Heroes, presented by Ms. Rebecca Cappelli. Ms. Cappelli informed us about the benefits of a plant-based diet and the myths we were “programmed” to believe … Continued

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