The Earth Hour portfolio is one of the 3 Project committees in Earthlink. The portfolio organises the annual collaboration between Earthlink and South-West Districts’ Community Centres in the form of an Earth Hour event that happens on the last Saturday of March.  We hope to encourage people to begin their journey in sustainability through education and of course, fun activities that promote bonding through the shared goal. 

Check out our collaboration with West Coast CC for Earth Hour 2021 here – a wholesome night of fun featuring an interactive game, panel discussion regarding food security and quizzes on recycling, carbon-lite lifestyles and gardening! 

Do keep a lookout for Earth Hour 2022, where we are grateful to have the opportunity to continue our collaboration with West Coast CC. We hope to engage more closely with residents through interactive platforms and collaborate with more environmental youth groups, and convey worthwhile messages about environmental protection to people of all ages!

Apart from organising Earth Hour, our committee also collaborates with notable individuals by featuring them in the official Earthlink Podcast Series: 1001 Ways the World is Going to Die! Through our roster of hosts and guests, we discuss our takes on various environmental issues from fast fashion, ocean pollution, consumerism and corporate responsibility.  

This semester, we interviewed Ms Regine Chan, an Earthlink alumnus with a wealth of experience in the corporate sectors to give us some insights on corporate sustainability and student life. Be sure to check out Episode 3: Cracking the Corporate Code (coming real soon) and our previous episodes featuring Ms Samatha Thian and Ms Qiyun at this link