Representing Earthlink’s Nature pillar and forming one of Earthlink’s event committees, the Nature Guiding (NG) portfolio organises guided nature walks and outreach efforts to cultivate appreciation and respect for our local biodiversity and to raise awareness on nature conservation issues. Our nature guides are trained to identify common taxa, and captivate audiences by unveiling a side of nature many would not be familiar with. Birds, bugs, plants, snakes and more – we all have such diverse backgrounds and interests, brought together by our common love for nature and a desire to share and protect the biodiversity we share our world with.

Nature Guiding Spirit

We aim to Influence, Inspire, and Impact. Not just Awareness, but Action. To be the Voice & Power of our Nature. Be a Leader. Be a Role Model.

Nature Guiding's Activities

Our portfolio members bring groups of participants around our local parks and reserves to share about the wonderful flora and fauna inhabiting its premises. The annual Mangrove Mystery Nature Trail held at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve is exceedingly popular as lucky groups glimpse the estuarine crocodiles, shore pit vipers, tree-climbing crabs, and mudskippers. We also conduct campus walks, exploring the hidden gems that we study alongside every day.
Citizen science is a fantastic way for untrained individuals like you or me to contribute to conservation and change. This provides a wealth of information and greater frequency and intensity of monitoring that small research teams are unable to emulate. By providing species identification training and simple guides, we hope to kick-start each participant’s journey in biodiversity awareness and monitoring. 

One such event is the Jurong Eco-Garden (JEG) Biodiversity Audit, which is a long-term partnership held with JTC CleanTech to survey JEG every December. Post-survey, the results are forwarded to them with recommendations to improve the park’s habitat quality.

NTU Bioblitz consists of intensive surveys over a week across various parts of campus are conducted by volunteers under the guidance of Nature Guides. In the long run, aggregated data can be used to quantify the diversity of species and evaluate the effect of greening initiatives and developments on campus.

Nature Guiding also spearheads outreach efforts to promote biodiversity conservation. We set up booths at events such as Green for Good to introduce Singapore’s biodiversity and its associated issues to the public. 
We are also active on Instagram @natureguiding.ntu, where we feature local biodiversity, wildlife issues and conservation efforts.  Do follow us to learn more and stay updated on our events! Send us a message if you spot any interesting wildlife on-campus. Thank you!