NTU is located on the fringe of the Western Water Catchment- Singapore’s largest mature secondary forest. As a result, NTU’s forest patches are extremely biodiverse. In 2020, Earthlink’s Nature Guiding Team’s recorded a total of 144 unique species and 1320 individual organisms over just 8 days of campus-wide biodiversity surveys. These include rare and critically endangered species.
However, with ongoing construction projects such as the Jurong Region Line and CleanTech industrial park, existing forests in the area have either been cleared or fragmented. Increasing the size and quality of forest patches in NTU provides much needed refuge for forest-dependent species which cannot exist within our urban spaces.
Therefore, the NTreeU initiative aims to create and enrich habitats for native plants and animals by contributing to NParks’ One Million Trees Movement. This will be done via active involvement of the entire NTU community. NTreeU aligns strongly with the University in its objective of nurturing a sense of environmental stewardship and reaching net-zero by 2035.
More info about the nparks one million trees movement https://www.nparks.gov.sg/treessg/one-million-trees-movement .