Professor William Chen Wei Ning


With nearly 15 years of teaching experience and 30 years of research experience, Professor William Chen from the School of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering (SCBE) is undoubtedly well equipped to advise Earthlink NTU. Aside from being Earthlink’s advisor, Professor Chen also holds various positions, such as being the Director of the Food Science & Technology Programme at NTU, as well as the head of the Postgraduate Education Office at the Nanyang Environment & Water Resource Institute (NEWRI ).

Professor Chen’s research focuses on cellular engineering platforms geared towards pharmaceutical and environmental applications. His current research lies in the area of metabolic and microbial engineering towards the production of valuable chemicals including biofuels, as well as environmental engineering for resource recovery and sustainable food production. His research in converting food waste to high value food ingredients using microbial engineering was not only covered in an episode of Future Forward by Channel News Asia, but was also recently featured in The Straits Times (June 2015). More importantly, his innovative research has also garnered significant interest from major international food industries which are considering the utilization of alternative food supplies.

Professor Chen actively involves himself in many of Earthlink’s activities – particularly our Annual General Meetings, which he attends without fail. That aside, Professor Chen has also attended most of our larger events, such as World Water Day 2015 at Jurong Lake and Greenfest Synergy 2015. When not at work, Professor Chen enjoys playing tennis with his friends and his family (with his role model being the former ATP world No. 1 tennis player and 1992 Olympic Gold Medallist “Boom Boom” Boris Becker). He is very proud of the achievements of the younger generations, especially that of his children and the students in Earthlink.

Professor William Chen featured in Future Forward by Channel News Asia