New to the Earthlink Committee? No worries! We have you covered! We are one of the three supporting portfolios in Earthlink, and we strive to bring our fellow Earthlings from different portfolios together through bonding activities.

Camp & Welfare’s Activities

Subcommittee Bonding Events

Here you can meet people from different portfolios, interact with them, and build your connections!We plan and organize fun bonding games to break the ice with new people from other portfolios.

Appreciation Night

Every person’s effort to protect the environment is recognised here at Earthlink. So to show our gratitude towards our Committee members, we organize this Appreciation Night just for you!

One of this night’s main highlights is a lucky draw where you can win attractive prizes! Another exciting element is the photo booths section for you to capture this memorable moment as a Committee member of Earthlink!

Earthlink Environment Camp (EE Camp)

The EE Camp is co-organized with the Nature Guiding portfolio every academic year to help potential Earthlink members experience nature and understand the importance of its preservation.

So, join us on this 2 day and 1-night journey and redefine your nature outing experience with us!

As a Committee dedicated to ensuring the unity in Earthlink and enhancing members’ experiences, we would be happy to hear your thoughts and suggestions about our activities. So, please don’t hold back on letting us know your interests! Importantly, if you love planning activities and seeing delighted faces, do consider joining us! Thank you!