Community Engagement does outreach beyond the NTU community to  local schools or organisations on the environmental issues faced by the Earth in the 21st century. Environmental problems such as lack of sustainability, pollution and wastage remain a big concern to our world. Through organizing events and guided tours, the community can get a better picture of these environmental issues and work together with various stakeholders in Singapore to find innovative solutions.

Community Engagement's Activities

Community engagement usually organizes physical events such as guided tours and beach clean-ups, to give participants in firsthand experiences that create heightened concern about environmental issues faced in Singapore.

Jurong Eco-Garden Water Sustainability Tour shows how Singapore circumvents its lack of natural water resources through technological innovations, thus ensuring water availability for all Singaporeans.

Insect Feed Tour is an example of an organic solution to food wastage in Singapore. By using the larvae of black soldier flies, waste can be composted in an environmentally friendly manner.

Clean Beach for Each campaign organises beach clean-ups in Singapore and exposes the various types of trash and debris that washes up to our sunny shores, leading to further pollution.

Local Community Engagement Programme (LCEP) involves us teaching primary students about being environmentally conscious in today’s world.

Our portfolio believes that the core motivation for protecting the environment stems from real-life exposure. Only through firsthand experiences participants can see the true scale of environmental issues and be galvanized to take action. Thank you