Eco-Campus aims to influence NTU’s students and staff to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle through a multitude of initiatives and campaigns. We hope to build a university community where everyone actively takes steps to build a green campus. Our flagship projects for AY2021-2022 include the “Bring Your Own Container” campaign, with the goal of cutting single-use plastics, and a waste awareness campaign, with the goal of cultivating empathy among the student population for our cleaning staff.

Eco-campus' Activities

The following are some initiatives we’ll be rolling out this semester so keep a lookout for them around the campus!

Bring Your Own Container (BYOC) – Through collaborating with local green rewards app susGain, NTU students and staff enjoy discounts and other treats when they bring their own container or cup for takeaway. !

Straw Free NTU – Worldwide, plastic straws have become a symbol of our society’s mindless use of excessive plastic. Our straw-free campaign hopes to continue raising awareness among NTU to refrain from using disposable straws and reduce plastic wastage.

NTUEatsGreen – Unsure of where to get your daily dose of greens? Explore our compilation of sumptuous vegetarian and vegan options around the campus to kickstart your journey toward a more plant-based diet!
Do support us on Instagram @ntueatsgreen and share with us your favourite vegetarian dishes around NTU! Let us take the first steps on a journey in building a green campus together for a sustainable future! If you want to collaborate with us, do contact us at