The Logistics portfolio in Earthlink acts as one of the supporting bodies for the events and campaigns organized by the various portfolios. We manage the club’s assets and oversee the operation facilities of the club. We aim to provide efficient and effective resource support before and after the event to ensure the event runs smoothly. 

Logistics's Activities

We take care of logistics management and budget control of the various portfolios In Earthlink, i.e. borrowing facilities from NTU, booking the club’s logistics items, and purchasing essential items for upcoming events. Our annual cleaning activity is held to ensure that the club’s assets are always kept on track. We also liaison with transportation providers to provide safe, comfortable, and affordable transport to the participants and event organizing committee.  Additionally, our portfolio is in-charge of sourcing delicious budget-friendly food and beverage spaces by liaising with providers.
Collaboration is our portfolio core value.  We focus on building a caring, motivating, and supportive environment by working together for systemic change.