Earthlink Publicity and Publications (PnP) is responsible for publicity, publication and webmaster. Apart from creating EarthLink’s annual publication (Ecoink), the portfolio also designs publicity material for EarthLink events, maintains EarthLink’s website and leads writing projects including non-fiction articles and creative writing poetry / prose.

Publicity and Publications' Activities

PnP is responsible for managing Earthlink’s social media pages and actively engaging social media followers, through designing and posting educational content.
PnP is responsible for creating publicity materials (eg. posters, event videos) to publicise Earthlink’s events organised by the different portfolios on our social media pages.
To raise awareness of environmental issues as well inculcate stronger appreciation of nature within NTU, PnP is planning a series of environmental writing projects comprising both non-fiction articles and fictional creative writing pieces. These write-ups will also be compressed into infographics for social media. PnP is also exploring the idea of organising an annual writing competition and Nature Writing Therapy workshops. As the environment — with all its issues but also wonders — tend to evoke strong feelings in people, we wish to unleash the writing potential in every individual through these activities. We also believe that through greater self-expression, one also will develop a sharpened sense of self-identity that is also connected to nature.
PnP is the bridge between Earthlink and the NTU community. We play a crucial role in helping Earthlink reach its target audience so that initiatives and events can be rolled out effectively. As a skills-based portfolio, we are confident that you will pick up useful skills relating to publicity and publications by joining this portfolio and at the same time, make a difference in the NTU community.