Resources is one of Earthlink’s three core pillars. We recognise that environmental sustainability lies in the creation and maintenance of a circular economy. We advocate for minimal consumption of any resource, from water to energy to food to electronics.

Resources's Activities

Trash to Treasure promotes the reusing of unwanted but good condition items by exchanging them at any Trash to Treasure racks across NTU.

Save that Pen encourages the refilling and reusing of empty pens. Drop your used pen at a pen bin outside Lee Wee Nam Library or Lee Kong Chian Lecture Theatre. 

FoodBank promotes the reduction of food waste by donating excess food that is non-perishable, unopened and not close to expiry. Drop them off at one of the FoodBank bins across NTU.

BagWagon encourages the sharing of reusable tote bags to transport items over short distances, to reduce the use of disposable plastic bags. Pick one up from the station outside Prime supermarket, and return it when you are done.

Recycling Drive promotes the proper recycling of recyclable trash and encourages the NTU community to contribute through the convenient placement of large recycling bins.

Waste Trail Journey lets participants learn how discarded waste is converted into electricity through a guided tour to Senoko Waste to Energy Incineration Plant and Semakau Landfill.

Repair Hacks Workshop teaches participants to perform repairs for common faults for items such as clothing, bags and electronic devices, instead of throwing and buying a new one, promoting the reusing of items and reduction of waste.

Resources strives to reach out to the greater community in promoting a more conscious lifestyle that adopts eco-friendly habits. We are always welcome to new ideas that new members bring to help promote waste reduction and conservation.