Welcome Bonding Camp

Running Man! That was the underlying theme of the bonding camp organised by our HCI Committee. Various games were created to excite our members with the purpose of getting to know more about the club and the members we will be working with. We assembled at the Sports and Recreation Centre where the main camp was held, started off with some ice breakers and formed groups with the Running Man theme in mind. Then, the participants played a variety of games; improving their communication skills with Charades and Blind Drawing, applying their teamwork skills with Captain’s Ball, and testing their knowledge on the club while playing Relay of the Mouth. Other games include Mystery Box, Maths Mania, Capturing the Moment and Rooster Fight. For the final game ‘Running Man’, the four teams were pit against each other and only one team can prevail. They sure had fun chasing each other and looking for tokens for the power-ups. The Heritage Token was also found and prizes were given to the teams with the highest points.

We ended the camp with a satisfying Barbeque at Hall 13’s Barbeque Pit, where we filled our tummies with scrumptious grilled meat, yummy rice and noodles, and chilled drinks. That marks the end of our bonding camp, and the start of our journey as Heritage Club together.