Heritage Club Cultural Booth 2017

Our heritage cultural booth, along with the theme ‘A Journey through Asian Arts & Crafts’, was successfully held on the 30th and 31st October 2017, a two-day event at South Spine concourse.

Several hands-on activities were conducted by heritage club including paper cutting, Chinese knot, Chinese calligraphy, ketupat weaving, miniature takraw and henna. We had participants of different NTU communities including locals, international, exchange students and staffs can choose any of the arts and crafts they were interested in and learnt the crafts for free.

Participants were also free to take home the crafts they had made at the booth.
Through this event, participants can understand and know about the cultural arts of different ethnics not only from the hands-on activity but also from exhibitions posted on the board.

We hope that through this event, everyone had fun and learnt more on the cultures of different people in Singapore better, bringing a more united NTU community.