Heritage Week 2018

Our annual Heritage Week was held at Canopy K on 31st January and 1st February 2018. The event successfully attracted 400 participants from NTU’s vibrant community within two days. We are honored to have Prof Kwok as our Guest of Honour to hit the gong to kick start this meaningful Heritage Week.

Performances lit up the atmosphere and participants got to know more about languages spoken in Singapore through interesting ways such as game booths and Special Project, where they got to write blessings and greetings in their mother tongue and paste it on board to share it with other participants. Participants also got to know more about the Eurasian, Malay, Indian and Chinese’s wedding culture through several exhibitions displayed, and finally not to mention free photos to be collected at our photobooth! The event ended with several rounds of lucky draw, with an Apple iPad Air as our first prize.

We hope that through Heritage Week, participants learned to appreciate the unique and diverse culture of Singapore, and will work together to create an understanding and harmonious society in Singapore.

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