Advanced Course

Award of Merit

Course participants will stand to gain a deeper understanding, knowledge and practical ability in aquatic rescue situations. Deep water expired air resuscitation (EAR) is introduced and your lifesaving skills will be taken a step further. Highly recommended for students/staff who is keen to expose in advanced lifesaving techniques.

Requirement: Completed Bronze Medallion.


Course Fees: $280/$340(Student/Staff)

Bronze/Silver Cross

Course participants will be able to develop basic and advanced lifesaving and emergency care abilities in open water conditions i.e. Changi Beach. You will stand to gain unique exposure on the use of kayak, surf rescue board, torpedo tube & fins to perform a rescue. Highly recommended for students/staff who have completed the Bronze Medallion course and have strong interest in learning advanced lifesaving skills.

Requirement: Completed Bronze Medallion.


Bronze Cross: $200/250 (Student/Staff)

Silver Cross: $250/300 (Student/Staff)

Senior Resuscitation

Practical training in lifesaving techniques of Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and related emergency care situations. You will stand to learn advanced techniques such as the use of mouth-to-mask resuscitation & two rescuer CPR. Highly recommended for students who have passed the standard resuscitation (CPR) course and planning to sign up the Award of Merit course.

Requirement: CPR certified.