NTU Lifeguard Corp’s flagship swimming event in the University’s sports calender! Swimfest consist of 2 segments, mass swim and overnight swim. The event aims to promote the benefits of safe water sport participation and swimming for a healthy lifestyle among students, staffs, alumnis of NTU/NIE and the local community.

Annually, NTU holds a friendly competition with other institutes to further hone our lifesaving skills and also to promote a sense of friendship among other lifeguards all around singapore.NTU Lifesaving Friendlies is one of the lifesaving competitions organised by NTU Lifeguard Corps annually which composed of both Open Water and Still Water events.

It is aimed to allow new lifesavers(having at least certificates of Lifesaving 1, 2 and 3) to expose themselves and be familiarised with this competitive sport.


A competition hosted by NUS to pit the skills of lifeguards from different institutes.


National Lifesaving Championships consists of both Open water and Still Water. Open Water 2019 (OWC) was held at Palawan Beach Sentosa and Still Water 2019 (SWC) will be held at Kallang Basin Swimming Complex.