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Dear NAAT Family,

Have you joined ISCA’s Youth Associate program? Know of your fellow friends who have yet to join ISCA? Now’s the best time to reach out to them! There is strength in numbers and unity to navigate the new normal. 

Together, ISCA Youth Associates can develop capabilities to move towards the future with confidence. With numerous events, activities and resources that accountancy undergraduates may capitalize on, wait no longer to become an ISCA Youth Associate and be rewarded when you encourage your friends to sign up!

What can you and your friends expect from this program?

?Receive recognition from potential employers as a member of an established accountancy body with an officiated membership designation “Youth Associate (ISCA)”,

?Participate in numerous events, courses and seminars such as Career Pathway Talks, designed to enhance your future as a finance and accounting professional?

?Be equipped with career advice, latest industry news and developments, and useful resources such as the ISCA Journal ??

?Gain access to internship opportunities and invitations to industry networking events and company visits. ?‍??‍?

Ready to come onboard with your fellow friends?

Sign up here today and get ready for your referral incentives!



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