For Prospective Members

For Prospective Members

  • I am not reading accountancy undergraduate in NTU, can I join NAAT?

Yes! We currently accept all NBS Undergraduates. We only require you to have an open mind to acquiring a substantial amount of accounting and auditing knowledge. Hence, feel free to join us in our next recruitment drive!

  • What to expect in NAAT?

    You can expect hands-on audit opportunities, network sessions, industry talks, hang-out sessions and much much more. It may sound like a lot, but it is actually quite manageable as we plan activities based on the academic calendar. To get the best out of your experience in NAAT, be proactive in your teams and do not be afraid to try out new things outside of your comfort zone — our helpful seniors will always be there to catch you when you fall. You only get what you give.

  • How many ECA points will I get from NAAT?

    NAAT members typically get a token amount of ECA points 5 or less (depending on appointment). However, joining NAAT should really come from your own personal desire in developing yourself as a person and as a future professional accountant.