Sea Turtles


Amazing creatures that have met Dinosaurs in person

These wonderful ocean dwellers have been living on Earth for more than 100 million years ago, the era when dinosaurs existed. This might be surprising for most of us who might be thinking animals living in that era are as big and as wild as dinosaurs. Yet, this cute fellow was there too. In today’s world, there are 7 breeds of sea turtles, six of which-green, hawksbill, Kemp’s ridley, leatherback, loggerhead, and the olive ridley scattered throughout the planet’s ocean. The seventh species, the flatback, inhabits only in the koala’s country, Australia.


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Seeing a sea turtle, most of us will think that it is a weak and slow creature. But do you know, that after years wandering the open ocean, sea turtles will return to their nesting ground to lay their eggs. In doing so, some species will travel more than 1,000 miles which is farther than the distance from Singapore to Bangkok, Thailand.

To really make track of the sea turtles’ lifespan is absolutely not an easy job. Watching Finding Nemo, most of us will know that same with the character, Crush, they life a long live. Some of them need 20 to 50 years to reach maturity and they have similar lifespan to humans. However, do they really live that long?

DANGER lurking in the OCEAN

Life is filled with danger for a sea turtle, particularly for the hatchlings. On the seashore, these baby sea turtles become the meals for birds, raccoons, crabs, and even foxes. Even if they make it to the sea, they are still become delicious nourishments for seabirds and fishes.

Nevertheless, the main peril threatening the life of sea turtles are human activities. Accidentally or not, there are a lot of sea turtles facing death because of humans. Being caught in commercial fisheries or entangled in marine debris are critical threats to sea turtles. To be hit by a boat is not only in funny movies for them. Destruction of beaches where they live and lay eggs are also not to be ignored. People throw garbage, such as plastics into the ocean and sea creatures end up consuming them. Are they stupid for eating plastics? No, they don’t have rational like we do. Humans, who can think and act accordingly are the one supposed to be blame for that. Some of us are also purposely harvesting or poaching for meat and eggs. They need our helps.

Fortunately, people around the world are not just sitting by and do nothing. The protection and conservation of sea turtles have been done and promoted throughout the globe. In 1981, nations worldwide made an agreement that made the trading of sea turtles and their eggs, shells or meat illegal internationally. The ways to reduce bycatch and marine protected areas have become government’s task. Conservation organizations are working hand in hand with the communities to help nurture the life of sea turtles.

How about us? Can we do something for these ocean dwellers? WE CAN. Social media can be used to promote the conservation of sea turtles, donations for sea turtle conservation can also be made, not littering in the sea is also another choice. There are a lot of things can be done for them. Yet, have you done anything? That’s the question. Do you want that your children can only see them the way we see dinosaurs nowadays? Pictures in the books and animations in the movies? I don’t and I bet you don’t want as well. Let’s work together for the best of us and for the best of sea turtles.

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