Animal Lover Society

Do you love animals?

We, NTU Animal Lover Society, do. And that is why we take animal welfare very seriously. We are strong advocators of adoption, animal rescue and responsible pet ownership.

We feel that anyone buying or adopting a pet should be both mentally and financially prepared for the responsibilities that come with ownership. Pets should never be bought on impulse or given as presents during occasions.

In 2006 alone, more than 9,000 pets were received by the SPCA, of which some (less than 10%) were put down within 24 hours of arrival because their facilities are full.

Wild animals face the same plight. They often become victims of mass murder to fulfil humans’ wants for hobbies or even wraths just because people think of them as pests.

As NTU Animal Lovers, we feel for these abandoned pets and poor animals. We are convinced that we should do our part, as students and the next generation of Singaporeans to campaign for the welfare and well-being of animals, be it wild animals or pets. They play many important roles in sustaining our future generations.

That is what brought us together from the various faculties within NTU, to be a part of the NTU Animal Lovers’ Society. We want to contribute to the well-being of animals at large.