Adopt, don’t shop!

Did you know?

There are approximately 7,000 stray dogs and 13,000 stray cats in Singapore!

Each month, there are as many as 200 abandoned pets at animal shelters.

Why should we adopt?

01 Help Save A Life

The dogs and cats which are not rehomed or relocated, and are either sick or aggressive have a higher chance of getting euthanised. This should only be the last resort and not a convenient option.

02 Show our stance against brutal and unethical breeders

They keep dogs in an unacceptable living environment, stuffy cages and force pets to reproduce repeatedly, resulting in necessarily high levels of stress and bodily harm to the dogs.

03 Support our local animal shelters

By adopting, you can also allow the shelter to have more space to take in more stray animals and rescued animals. This affirms their efforts in training stray animals to be more sociable, and help them find their forever home.

How To Adopt?

01 Contact a shelter and show your interest. Book an appointment to visit the shelter and bring all the necessary documents.

02 The shelter may request to do a premise check to ensure that the living environment is suitable to cater to the needs of the dog/animal which you are keen to adopt.

03 Adoption prices can vary from $70 for senior dogs to $250 for local mixed breed puppies. Prices cover the cost of vaccination, sterilisation, microchipping with registration and administration fees. This ensures that the shelter is able to sustain itself and continuously care for its existing animals and take in more rescued animals.

Click here for guidelines on keeping pets in an HDB flat.