Gallop Stable Visits

Gallop Stable gives these horses a second chance at life by retraining them for riding activities and bringing joy to all our students and riders at Gallop Stable. Riders get to spend time and learn more about their four-legged friends and care for them.

Our volunteers regularly visit the Gallop Stable (@gallopstableofficial) to shower, groom and play with the horses.

Here’s what our volunteers would like to share from their experiences~

” I really enjoyed my time being a
volunteer in The Gallop Stable, I have learnt a lot from the trainers and get first-hand insight on what is involved in caring for the horses.”

” I come here many times and have been helping out in stable managements like grooming and showering the horses.

Surprisingly, in some aspects, I found them similar to the dogs!”

We look forward to having you on our volunteering journey!

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