Playhouse at Hope Dog Rescue

I recently had the chance to go on my first dog playhouse visit. There, I met Adora and Churros, two sweet doggies with unique personalities. Churros was a shy one, and was a bit intimidated by all the volunteers at first. After a while, she became comfortable will everyone and soon started running around playfully. Some of us even gave her a bath. Adora, on the other hand, was not shy at all- she was excited to take a walk outside. Although she was okay with us walking her, she was wary of humans and it was next to impossible to pat her! We all took turns walking both the dogs, cleaning up the playhouse, and preparing food for them. This visit was quite memorable for me as I got to learn how to walk a dog- a task that is extremely fun! I would love to go on such visits in the future!

-Maithili Dhule, volunteer at HOPE Dog Rescue

Churros, the shy but playful one

Adora, the cautious but sweet one