Leafflesh Anti-Serum Developed

Dr A. Bloo, Chairperson of the Jovian Diseases Reseach Institute in Io, has confirmed that the newly developed anti-serum for the Leafflesh virus is ready for distribution.

This comes as welcome news for the many hundreds of families who have had a loved one enter a vegetative existence due to the disease. Leafflesh, which affects roughly 40 percent of the Jovian population, has caused the vegetation of roughly three million people since its discovery four years ago.

According to Mits Rob Sammy, of Kaleidoscope, Ganymede, all the people from his village had celebrated once they heard the news.

“It’s been nearly a year since (my brother) Bob developed the photosynthesising spots and took root in my garden. Now I can finally speak to him again”

The government of Ganymede will be rolling out … [read more]

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