About Us

Of the many, many clubs in NTU, we are among the oldest. At the time of our founding, Galileo Galilei had still not been fully vindicated by the Catholic Church, the probe Galileo had just visited an asteroid on its way to Jupiter, and Pluto was still a planet. If you were born later than 1991, well, we’re older than you.

But rest assured, we’ve only improved with age. You could join us for stargazing sessions every now and then. If you are taking the popular Astronomy elective, come down for fortnightly sessions exclusively held for EE8086 students. For the full shebang, be a part of our overnight stargazing trips, both local and overseas. If you are busy-busy, then just come down for important events, like eclipses. If you want to be busy-busy, then you can join us as we volunteer for the Friday Night Stargazing at Science Centre Observatory or assist our annual Astronomy competition.

For more information on our activities, watch out for updates here or on our official Facebook channel. Clear skies ahead!