Welcome to NTU Cat Management Network.

We are a club dedicated to all things cat-related in Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

We care for your campus cats.

NTU Cat Management Network have 4 main objectives:

  1. To ensure that cats on campus lead fulfilling and happy lives in an environment that is safe and away from harm, with access to food and water through the establishment of feeding clusters.
  2. To ensure that the community cat population is kept within manageable limits through trap-neuter-return programmes.
  3. To educate campus residents and students on cat care and cat behaviour; including the mediation of disputes relating to cats on campus.
  4. To rescue community cats that are injured or sick on campus.

We currently have 4 feeding clusters on campus for our community cats, which are each led by their own coordinators. Cat coordinators manage the cats within their designated hall areas and report to the main committee any emergencies that happen.


Please follow us on our Instagram or Facebook page at @ntucmn to be in the know of all things cat-related happening in NTU and to receive updates on future recruitment drives!