Providing data generation and annotation jobs for those who have difficulties finding job in mainstream job market


AnnoData aims to provide data generation and annotation jobs for working age adults who
have difficulties finding job in mainstream job market.

In recent years, the interest in and application of machine learning and data science has
skyrocketed. To develop intelligent and robust algorithms, businesses and research
institutes must process and annotate large amount of raw data which they obtain from
different sources.

For example, to develop an algorithm that detects human faces, the company will collect
many different images. Subsequently, the company will have to annotate the data, i.e. draw
a box around each human face on each image. Then, these annotated images will be used
to train an algorithm where the computer learns how to identify human faces.
Currently, many companies employ internal staff to annotate data out of quality and privacy
concerns. However, some data do not require trained professionals to annotate (e.g.
recognizing human faces). Hence, data annotation can be a job opportunity for low-skilled

Paying Customers
Research institutes and companies who engage in machine learning research.

We are currently targeting the physically disabled, housewives from grassroot families,
autistic adults and the temporarily unemployed.

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Roles and Responsibilities:
● Improve Prototype
● Offer solutions to enhance platform usability

Preferred Skills & Experience:
● Competent in Javascript or Dart
● Passionate about helping the community

Contact Person:

Name: Peter Yuen
Contact Number: 8569 9409