NTU Entrepreneurship Society

Promoting and developing the enterprising mindset among the student community


Through our workshops and events, we hope to provide a platform for young entrepreneurial minds within NTU and beyond to gather and learn from each other.


By engaging veteran leaders and mentors, we aim to equip our members with the vital skills of an entrepreneur.


Last but not least, NTUES is a family. We are eager to learn, and equally willing to give back to the community to ensure it will be a fulfilling journney for all.


We aim to promote the enterprising mindset in NTU and beyond. If you are interested in entrepreneurship, join us and follow us!

  • *NTUES Workshop: ‘Develop Your Business Model’ - By Founder of foptics*
Calling all Wantrepreneurs! 📣 Always wanting to start your own business but hasn’t take any action to get the ball rolling? Or stuck at your idea stages? 💭 Then this upcoming fireside session ‘Developing Business Models’ might just be right for you! .
Come join us as we invite our very own NTU-Alumni, Raynald Zhang, Founder of foptics to share about his entrepreneurial journey from being a Civil Engineer to building his own Optical Business. Learn how he manage to scale his online Carousell business into retail stores! Don’t miss this opportunity, sign up today👍 *slots are based on first-come-first serve basis*
Event details:
Date: 23rd October, Wednesday
Time: 7-9pm
Venue: Hive TR +38
Sign-up here! http://bit.ly/ntues-dbm *Food will be provided🍴*
See you there!🤗
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  • Hey guys! Have you ever wondered what are the different ways you can fund your Startup? 💭

For this week's workshop, we will be sharing with you one way to raise funds:
Crowdfunding 101
How can someone raise $341k backed by 3,800 backers? Does it seem impossible to you? Join us on Wednesday to find out what is the secret to crowdfunding! 💰 
During this workshop, we will be sharing with you the following topics: • Understanding Crowdfunding • Tips and tricks for crowdfunding • Marketing strategies
. 📍Register here: bit.ly/ntuescf 

Event details:
Date: 18th Sep, Wednesday
Time: 7-9pm 
Venue: @LT8 .
Registration starts at 630 and dinner will be provided. 🍴
Bring your friends along and join us for a wonderful evening and network with our fellow entrepreneurs! See you there!🤗
  • Hi everyone! Thank you for joining us at our workshop today! It was an empowering session and we hope you gathered some insights from our guest speakers!👍 If you’ve missed out our session, here are the 3 greatest takeaway we have gathered:
1. Find the right mentor - Nothing is free, provide them value.
2. Don’t chase after money - Do something that you find purpose in & believe in it.
3. Find people who are passionate about what you do - LinkedIn is the best channel to tap on.
What about you? Do leave your insights in the comments below!
Before you go, we want to hear from you! Do take a minute to fill up the feedback form 😊 
Link in Bio!📌
  • Hey everyone! We’ve got great news for you! NTU Entrepreneurship Society is back with our workshop ‘Entrepreneurship and BEYOND’ 👥

If you aspire to be an entrepreneur and unsure about how to get started. This workshop will show you the way! During this workshop, we will empower you with the following:
- Understand entrepreneurship
- Business models
- Marketing strategies - How to tackle tough situations

Bring your friends along and join us for a wonderful evening and network with our fellow entrepreneurs!🤗 Register here:  (link in bio)
See You There!👋🏼
Date: 11th Sep (Wed)
Time: 7-9pm
Venue: LT8

Admission is strictly by sign-ups. Registration starts at 6:30 and dinner will be provided.
  • NTU Entrepreneurship Society @ CCA Fair and Our Welcome Tea 🍵 
We would like to thank our community and especially our members who have joined us to kickstart this year’s journey at NTUES 🔆

We hope to see you in our future events too. #DoSupportES
  • Start your entrepreneurship journey with us. Fill the form at bit.ly/ntues-signup to be a part of our mailing list!
  • Well done is better than well said!

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  • Here we go again! AY18/19 is ending - now its time for the next batch to take up the helm of NTUES in AY19/20! 🎉 
1. Fill up the form at https://tinyurl.com/nutes2019-20 
2. Questions? Suggestions? Talk to us - we can do more TOGETHER! 💪

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  • Join us in *Failure's Night*, NTUES’s biggest event, to learn from others' failures, and how they managed to overturn their misfortune to massive success. Gain control over your fear of failing in your entrepreneurial endeavours and in life. 
It is a *Free event* organized by NTUES and Ntuitive

Register here for *FREE*:
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