Homegrown start-ups that are partnered with NTUES. Reach out to us if you would like to have your start-up featured here, or are interested in working with any of the following companies.

G. Kalaiarasu – Mechanical Engineering, 2018


Prakash Sekaran – Computer Science, 2017

Lacrion is an online platform that helps students discover, buy, and sell tickets for university events. Lacrion allows students to be more aware of the hot and trending events happening on campus and register for them while also helping student societies with event management, event promotion, ticketing, and payment collection, all through a single platform.

We at Lacrion were previously student society leaders who used to organise various events and have had our own set of issues with events marketing and ticketing processes ourselves. That is when an idea struck, and Lacrion was born. We pitched this idea at Ideasinc, a start-up accelerator, and made it to the finals. Ideasinc was a very good platform to help us validate our idea and this gave us the confidence and validation that we were onto something. With the help of our mentors and friends from NTUitive, we were able to get the Multi-Disciplinary grant from NTUitive to help in kick-starting the creation of our platform to bring it to the student population.

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