About US

The Nanyang Technological University Graduate Students’ Association (NTUGSA) is the elected representative body of the graduate student community in Nanyang Technological University and is supported by the Students Affairs Office (SAO).

Originally registered as the NTU Graduate Students’ Club on 2 September 2010 as a culmination of months of preparation and soul-searching by members of the pro-team committee, the Club was a small volunteer group promoting and organizing social, recreational, cultural and sporting activities among the graduate students.

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Events For YOU!

The Association represents the interests of graduate students and raises their issues to the university administration with the purpose of seeking ways to resolve them, organizes orientation programmes for new graduate students, promotes the welfare of members within the University, tries to improve the graduate student life on campus by planning and organizing activities and events, which may not be limited to just social, recreational, sporting, cultural, educational, and career related purposes and works to foster a strong and meaningful relationship between the graduate and the undergraduate student population, faculty, staff, and administrators.

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Let’s Discuss MENTAL HEALTH 2021

A short discussion on the topic of mental health in NTU Singapore. Associate Vice President (Wellbeing) Prof Kwok and Deputy Associate Provost (Student Wellbeing) Assoc Prof Vivien share their viewpoints on the role of mental health in the holistic development of an NTU graduate student and the associated difficulties due to the lack of communication among the community.

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Welcome to OUR Family, Freshmen!

NTU Graduate Students’ Association (NTUGSA) would like to welcome you to this new exciting experience as a graduate student in NTU.

Here you will be studying and working for the next few years but don’t miss the opportunity to use this experience to meet exceptional people, to learn about diverse cultures and to grow as a person in general.

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OUR Collaboration

NTU GSA works in collaboration with several other student societies/committees to organize multiple festive and cultural events to celebrate the multi-cultural platform of the NTU student mass. Take a glance at the events which form a unique and indispensable part of the diverse student life in NTU.

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