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As part of our campus life improvement measures, we are collecting data about the bus services to get around the campus. We would be using your responses to help present an overall picture to the NTU management and Tong Tar Transport Service Pte Ltd for the enhancement of the service, as determined by your response.

As a Pilot study, the members of the NTU Graduate Students Association and the various departmental Graduate Student Councils have participated in helping us understand student experience with the bus service. From the information we have collected thus far, it looks promising to extend this survey to the larger student population within NTU to conclude from a more comprehensive study.


Our study included various questions about the bus frequencies and usefulness of the NTU Wave and other such apps. We observed from the initial survey that a large portion of the participants feel the red and blue bus frequencies are insufficient during weekends and public holidays and that the operating buses are not shown on the app. The information about the sufficiency of the buses during off-peak hours of weekdays and the estimation of wait times on the app was not conclusive, while the participants are primarily satisfied with the frequency of buses during peak hours of weekdays. Please refer to Appendix 1 for detailed results.


We have, in addition to the responses to our specific questions, received several comments which have been very useful in formulating solutions to help us present a stronger case to the management.

We now look to extend this survey to all of you and solicit your help in enhancing the picture we can see with the pilot study. For this, please follow this link to participate in this anonymous survey and share your valuable opinions with us to help us present a strong case to the management of NTU and Tong Tar Transport Pte Ltd and improve our daily experience on campus.

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