Let’s Discuss MENTAL HEALTH 2021

DID YOU KNOW that graduate students are a particularly vulnerable part of the population when it comes to mental health? According to recent research, they are six times more likely to experience depression and anxiety as compared to the general population (Evans et al., 2018).

NTU GSA is seeking YOUR feedback on Mental Health. Please share YOUR own understanding, experiences and opinions with us by responding to a short questionnaire that we have prepared for YOU (link below).

NTU GSA needs YOUR help to better inform the university, to plan our welfare activities, and assist our student population in the most effective way through a concrete mental health action plan. YOUR small effort can make a difference. Also, do hear out our own NTU senior management discussing Mental Health with us (link below).

We take YOUR privacy seriously – NO personal information will be collected. To keep YOU informed and updated, we will analyse the aggregate data and make a general report available.

SHORT Questionnaire on Mental Health

SHORT Discussion on Mental Health by NTU Senior Management

Should you have any question or concern, please reach us at ntugsa-vp-welfare@e.ntu.edu.sg  or ntugsa-emeritus@e.ntu.edu.sg.