Academic Complexes

The academic complex comprises of the north academic complex, North Spine (NS) and south academic complex, South Spine (SS). Most of the schools and lecture theatres are located at NS and SS. Different locations at NS and SS are named uniquely. And it becomes important to be able to read the different locations correctly, as for all school-related stuffs, students need to visit NS and SS. Here we show you an example to how to read any location properly,

If you’re still having problems then try searching for the location via the interactive NTU Campus Map, accessible from:

Study Rooms

Learning Hubs

The Hive

The new learning hub offers one of the world’s best learning environments for students of the 21st century. It provides an exciting mix of learning, community and recreational spaces for NTU students, professors and researchers from various disciplines to gather and interact. Student could access the tutorial rooms for discussions, recruiting volunteers, and raising social awareness for projects. The Hive can also host exhibitions, screenings, workshops and seminars to promote community engagement.

The hive

The Arc

The Arc is a six-storey building with 56 smart classrooms located in North Spine. The building has 13 project discussion rooms, a room for quiet reading and a 108-seat lecture theatre. Its two lower levels have rooms that serve as workshops for engineering students. The Arc was designed to create avenues for students to discuss ideas and interact across disciplines.

Incorporating curved structures and spiral stairs, The Arc is designed with innovative and eco-friendly features befitting its place as the newest building on the NTU Smart Campus. Instead of walls, it comes with an aluminium sunscreen that reduces solar glare and heat. This keeps the rain out while allowing constant ventilation throughout the day. Its air-conditioning system saves energy by using passive cooling coils to chill the air without the use of fans. These coils work by creating a natural convection cycle, cooling the air as it sinks downwards, which displaces the warm air upwards. The Arc has already been awarded the Green Mark Platinum in 2017 – the highest award for sustainable building design in Singapore from the Building and Construction Authority.

The arc

Students Activities Center (SAC)

SAC is located below Lee Wee Nam Library and adjacent to the Global Lounge.

Facilities at SAC:

  • Lounge
  • Console games ($1/hr)
  • Board Games
  • Billiard Table
  • Computer Terminals
  • Secretariat rooms for the Students’ Union and the Non-academic Constituent Clubs

* Research students in graduate programs are expected to work on their research projects throughout the period of their candidature subject to the student terms, requirements and entitlements.

For trimester calendar for graduate students, please refer to following link: