NTU GSA Executive Committee and Sub-Committees

The Nanyang Technological University Graduate Students’ Association (NTUGSA) is the highest level of student leadership and government for graduate students. NTUGSA embraces NTUGSA EXCO, Council that consists of President of school-based graduate student clubs, school-based graduate student clubs themselves and other autonomous graduate student bodies that have been endorsed by SAO.

School-based graduate student clubs (GSCs) have been established in School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering; School of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering; Interdisciplinary Graduate School; School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences; School of Materials Science & Engineering; School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering; School of Civil and Environmental Engineering; School of Biological Sciences; LKCMedicine; School of Computer Science and Engineering; School of Social Sciences; School of Humanities and such other newly-formed constituent bodies that SAO may approve from time to time. The NTUGSA-endorsed autonomous student bodies include Graduate Arts Ensemble, TEDxNTU, and the NTU Graduate Toastmasters Association. These student bodies are organized and governed independently of NTUGSA. Their student leaders will also qualify for privileges that are made to NTUGSA student leaders.

NTUGSA itself comprises of Top5 and 8 committees. The 8 committees are the 1) Administration Committee, 2) Publicity Committee, 3) Academic Committee, 4) Career Committee, 5) Orientation Committee, 6) Sports Committee, 7) Recreation Committee, 8) Welfare Committee. Altogether NTUGSA itself has 13 elected positions, and around 150 appointed positions.

NTUGSA is headed by the ‘Top 5’ which includes the President, Vice-President (Academics), Vice-President (Welfare), General Secretary and Treasurer.